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Symphony GOLD is now the Retail Division of Symphony Retail Ai

Symphony Retail Ai announced its formation Jan 11 2018, incorporating Symphony GOLD and Symphony EYC into the company as new divisions. Learn more about Symphony Retail Ai.

Renamed as the company’s Retail Solutions Division, for over 25 years Symphony GOLD has been the provider of the industry-leading GOLD unified software platform for omni-channel retail, helping high volume and CPG retailers grow revenue and margins through localized, space-aware assortments and pricing, improved inventory deployment and availability, and increased operational productivity. The organization has delivered results for some of the world’s most known retail brands and consumer goods manufacturers for more than 30 years in over 70 countries, enabling them to provide their shoppers with better value, greater convenience and improved choice.

Interview with Graeme Cooksley

To learn more about Symphony GOLD, watch this video with
Graeme Cooksley, CEO & President, Symphony GOLD.

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